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Between 1998 and 2001 I wrote nine pieces for stage, predominantly commissioned pieces, which were produced throughout New Zealand and Australia. It was through this work that I was invited to participate in the 1999 World Interplay, an international summit of young playwrights, in Townville, Australia.

I was the delegate from Aotearoa that year, Elis C. Bihn was the delegate from Germany. Our meeting there resulted in a friendship that has grown for many years, and it was visiting Elis that first drew me to Berlin.

My theatre pieces were all written under the pen name, "Ryan McFadyen". I am still represented by my theatrical writing agents, Playmarket New Zealand, for all of the pieces I wrote in that period.

It's appropriate here for me to thank Paula Crutchlow, Wiremu Davies, John McDavitt, Jo Randerson and Gary Henderson for their support, guidance and tutelage in my theatre writing career.

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Theatre works (selection)

1998, F'All

Winner of the New Zealand Young Plawrights' Award

1999, Suburban Appliance Tragedy

Premiered in the Melbourne Comedy Festival

1999, Forgiving Cain

Workshopped at World Interplay

2000, The Correct Proportions of Eva
Commissioned by Allen Hall, Otago University

2001, Shootout

Commissioned by Young and Hungry, nominated for the Chapman Tripp award for Best New New Zealand Play

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