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Princessin Hans grew up on Berlin's punk literature and queer kabarett stages, and is made up of Hans Kellett (NZ) and Jörg Hochapfel (DE), often working together with various guest musicians. With a playfully deconstructive attitude we blur conventional clichés of celebrity and identity while juggling musical genres like some folks juggle knives.

We've made a name for ourselves not only with our brazen mix of cabaret, jazz and punk – but also for the vibrancy of our live performances. The audience are welcomed into sensual imaginary spaces where anything is possible and everyone is part of the spectacle.

Our debut album Because You Wouldn't Play Tennis With Freddy (2012) was eagerly received and praised by both the press and listeners alike. In 2013 we contributed - alongside Christopher Franke - to the soundtrack of J.Jackie Baier's prize-winning documentary film Julia.


Since 2015 we have been releasing new studio music in the context of our independant production model - The Snowball Project. To date we have released two EPs in this format: Monster (2015) und Schwitzen (2016).


In Berlin we have performed on stages and in galleries all over the city - including Heimathafen Neukölln, in the Roten and Grünen Salons of the Volksbühne, in SO36, in the KW Institute for Contemporary Art and in the Gorki Theater. Our tours have taken us outside of Germany to England, Norway, France, Austria and Switzerland, and on the way we've performed together with artists like Amanda Palmer and Baby Dee.

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