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HANS  KELLETT was born in 1977  in  New Zealand, where they are best know for their writing for theatre.  In 1998  they received the New  Zealand  Young Playwrights’ literary prize, and while writing they continued working in their original discipline as a dance theatre practitioner. In 2001  they moved to Berlin and became a core member of the literary cabaret troupe O-Ton  Ute. They regularly write music and perform with the French dance ensemble La Zouze, with whom they appeared in 2010 in Paris' Moulin Rouge and were described by the French presse as "the perfect hybrid of Pamela Anderson and Rasputin". Since 2014  they have been a regular contributor to Berlin city magazine Siegessäule. From 2003 - 2017 they were artistic director and frontperson of the experimental chanson project Princessin Hans.

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