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The first performance collective I co-founded, all and sundry, was a collaboration between dancers, theatre makers and designers. The artistic director, Paula Crutchlow, encouraged inter-disciplinary understanding and appreciation from the get-go.

In my later life, this networking across disciplines has lead me to work often as a designer, predominantly for film, but also for interior and stage design.


Here you can find some links to examples of my design practice.

HK Logo 2.jpg

Production design - film

2009, Hammerhead, director Sam Donovan
Art director

2009, Ottos Otte, director Anna Bolster

Production designer

​2012, Von dir  (excerpt) director Janin Halisch

Production designer

2012, Jan's Body (excerpt) director Jasco Viefhues

Production designer

- see: dual role as Screenplay Author -

Prop design - stage

2017 & 2019, Holy Cows I, II & III, choreographer Yaron Shamir

Cow designer and builder

(Maybe my favourite ever job title)

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