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I was invited to return to New Zealand in 2005 to undertake a post-graduate diploma in fine arts at Massey University. Although this was my first foray into academia, I was allowed to begin study at post-graduate level on the basis of my already accumulated artistic experience.

The two semesters were a stimulating time, and I found it highly engaging to connect the work I had until that point been making largely instinctively with broader cultural dialogues, but academia ultimately really wasn't for me and I called it a day after receiving my post-graduate diploma with high distinction at the end of my time in New Zealand.

Returning to Berlin in 2006, I continued for two further semesters at the Universität der Künste as a guest student under Professor Rebecca Horn, during which time I moved back towards pure practice.

My 2007 critical text I Didn't Even Use the Word 'Queer' in this Title was presented at the Queer Feminist conference organised by the Humbolt University in Berlin, and formed the basis of a one-week seminar at the Arts Academy of Norway (khib)

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Academic writing

Playing the villain, playing the judge: The carnivalesque in Die Elf Scharfrichter and dunst's performed protests

2005, Post-graduate paper

Why I am Not a Fine Artist by The Princess Hans

2005, Symposium paper and reading notes

I Didn't Even Use the Word 'Queer' in This Title

2007, Performance paper written for the

Queer-feministische Tage, Humboldt University

Key text for the 2008 Queer seminar at the

Bergen Academy of Art and Design

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